The Chinese as Heritage Language Program (Ages 5-18)

This learning program is designed for children ages from 4 years old through high school age who speak Chinese as Heritage Language. Students are grouped by their proficiency level in Chinese. We offer 12 levels of class using Living Mandarin K Series & MeiZhou Chinese* as textbooks. For class placement, please contact .org or refer to the textbook web site (MeiZou Chinese) for a sample lesson in each level.

The Main Goals of this Program:

    • Learn Chinese in a fun, interest-focused environment.
    • Develop Chinese vocabulary so that students form the ability to comprehend and speak Chinese.
    • Recognize Chinese characters, achieve proficiency in reading and writing Chinese.
    • Foster an understanding and appreciation for Chinese culture.

Students will learn to:

    • Read Chinese text fluently.
    • Read/Write and type 110~145 new characters.
    • Understand the stories in the textbook.
*MeiZhou Chinese is a series of Chinese textbook especially designed for children grow up in North America. Its design follows 5C and Pre-AP guidelines.

Couse detail: Level 2/3, Level 4, Level 6, Level 8.

The Chinese As Second Language Class (Ages 5 - 11)

This learning program is designed for children ages 5 years and older who don’t speak Mandarin at home. All our classroom teachers are native Mandarin Chinese speakers who also speak fluent English. We maintain an average 1:8 teacher/student ratio.

The Main Goals of This Program:

    • Ability to understand daily conversation
    • Development of consonants and vowels
    • Basic concept of the Chinese character and strokes in writing
    • Characters/Words recognition : learn 50 more words English is spoken to the students and they are encouraged to speak Chinese as much as possible.

Course detail: CSL 

Adult Conversational Chinese Class ( Ages 16 and older)

A beginning level class focusing on basic speaking, listening, pronunciation, and recognizing some simple Chinese characters (at least 40 characters by the end of school year). Cross-cultural communication skills will also be introduced.

Course detail: CC Adult

Tai Chi (All Ages)

Taichi is an ancient martial art that fuses physical and mental exercises together to increase strength, balance and flexibility while fostering relaxation and harmonization. Join Yang-style “shifu”(teacher), Renee Warren, for this vibrant and healing practice.

Course detail: Tai Chi