Chinese as Heritage Language Program (傳統班)(Ages 5-18)

This learning program is designed for children ages from 4 years old through high school age who speak Chinese as Heritage Language. Students are grouped by their proficiency level in Chinese. We offer 12 levels of class using Living Mandarin K Series & MeiZhou Chinese* as textbooks. For class placement, please contact .org or refer to the textbook web site (MeiZou Chinese) for a sample lesson in each level.

The Main Goals of this Program:

    • Learn Chinese in a fun, interest-focused environment.
    • Develop Chinese vocabulary so that students form the ability to comprehend and speak Chinese.
    • Recognize Chinese characters, achieve proficiency in reading and writing Chinese.
    • Foster an understanding and appreciation for Chinese culture.

Students will learn to:

    • Read Chinese text fluently.
    • Read/Write and type 110~145 new characters.
    • Understand the stories in the textbook.
*MeiZhou Chinese is a series of Chinese textbook especially designed for children grow up in North America. Its design follows 5C and Pre-AP guidelines.

Chinese As Second Language Class (雙語班)(Ages 5 - 11)

This learning program is designed for children ages 5 years and older who don’t speak Mandarin at home. All our classroom teachers are native Mandarin Chinese speakers who also speak fluent English. We maintain an average 1:8 teacher/student ratio.

The Main Goals of This Program:

    • Ability to understand daily conversation
    • Development of consonants and vowels
    • Basic concept of the Chinese character and strokes in writing
    • Characters/Words recognition : learn 50 more words English is spoken to the students and they are encouraged to speak Chinese as much as possible.

Adult Conversational Chinese Class (成人班) ( Ages 16 and older)

The adult Chinese Class class will  focus on basic speaking, listening, pronunciation, and recognizing some simple Chinese characters. For level 1 class,  students will learn at least 40 characters by the end of school year. For level 2 class, students should reach to at least 80 characters by the end of school year. Cross-cultural communication skills will also be introduced.