Adult Class成人班

Class Update!

For 2018 Fall, we plan to offer two Adult Chinese Conversation Classes, Level 1 and Level 2. The Level 2 class is for returning students or someone who has prior knowledge/training of Chinese language. Level 1 will be for the newly registered students. 


    Mr. Jenwei Kuo (郭震威) is a native Chinese and has lived in the United States for over thirty years.  During this period, he dedicated himself to the search for a solution that would eliminate language acquisition barriers and facilitate the learning and teaching of Chinese.

As a result, Mr. Kuo invented a neuro-scientifically validated theorem called the 'Delta Method' that helps students reuse their native language knowledge (English) to learn a target language (Chinese) in a truly natural, intuitive, and brain-friendly manner. In other words, through the Delta Method, you are learning the way how your brain works and likes. Accordingly, Mr. Kuo has published two complementary books: ‘New Method Chinese’ and ‘Glue Language.’

In his language teaching career, he had been a Language Director for Middlebury College’s summer immersion program, a Mandarin instructor at Ravenscroft School and the companies such as, IBM, Intel, and Cree. 

Come, let’s explore the power of the Delta Method!

Course Materials


1) New Method Chinese (Level I textbook, red cover)

2) Glue Language 2.0

3) Chinese Grammar Demystified

Author: Jenwei Kuo 

成人班 Adult Conversation Class: 汉语拼音/简体中文为主,正体中文为辅。

Adult Conversation Class: For non-native adult speakers to learn Hanyu Pinyin and Simplified Chinese characters. Traditional Chinese characters will also be touched upon in the class.